My name is Peter Lipton, 36 years old and currently residing in the Netherlands.
I spent a large part of my childhood as an aspiring astro-photographer, always playing and experimenting with any camera I could get my hands on. Before deciding on a career choice, I spent several years traveling, before enrolling in the photography program at the Utrecht Academy of the Arts. After graduating with a Bachelor of Design in photography (2011), I was given a photographic orientation year at the Dutch national newspaper ‘De Volkskrant’, where I continued to work as a freelance photographer, illustrator and image manipulator. 
In the spring of 2014 I started working as a photo editor, illustrator and photographer at the Dutch newspaper publisher NRC Media, which I combine with working on long term personal projects and freelance assignments in the photographic field.

Artist Statement

“My motivation to take photographs comes from a strong fascination by our subjective perception of the world, and the challenge to capture the world in a controlled photographic manner. I aim to investigate the world with a camera, continuously experimenting with the workings of aesthetics, shape, and content, searching for the effect they have in attracting people’s attention with photographic imagery.”

Exhibitions and publications

March - April 2019 | Solo exhibition “Balsa de los Sapos”
Pllek, Amsterdam, NL

September - October 2018 | Photo festival "To infinity and beyond"
Breda Photo, Breda, NL

August - October 2015 | Group exhibition "DIS"
Provincial House North Holland, Haarlem, NL

March 2013 | Group exhibition and auction “Refugee Church charity”
Roest, Amsterdam, NL

March 2013 | Group publication “New Dutch Photography Talent”
Book, X publishers, Amsterdam, NL

March – April 2013 | Solo exhibition Project “16086mi.”
GUP Gallery in Club Trouw, Amsterdam, NL

June – July 2012 | Group exhibition “Young talent”
Van Kranendonk Gallery, The Hague, NL

4 – 6 Nov. 2011 | Group exhibition “Diverse artists”
City Council offices, Haarlem, NL

1 – 30 Oct. 2011 | Solo exhibition “Life out of balance”
Horizonverticaal gallery, Haarlem, NL

10 Sept. – 1 Oct. 2011 | Group exhibition “Photography graduates”
Amsterdam’s Centre for Photography, Amsterdam, NL

13 Aug. – 1 Oct. 2011 | Group exhibition “ISSP 2011”
International Summer School of Photography, Kuldiga, Latvia

30 June – 3 July 2011 |  Group exhibition “Graduation projects Photography”
Utrecht Academy of the Arts, Utrecht, NL